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Beautiful, professional Dental practice. New equipment. Prompt service with attention to detail. Friendly, knowledgeable team. Highly recommend. My dentist retired and I found out about Aliso Creek Dental through a friend speaking highly of the practice. Glad I did. I found a new permanent Dental practice for our family.

scott roberts

Office was beautiful. As someone with anxiety and who’s more anxious about going to the doctor, I felt calm and cared for throughout the services. It was a really pleasant experience. My husband was also super impressed by their technology, thoroughness and transparency. We’re glad to share Aliso Creek Dental with all we know.

Katie Kazi

I was visiting LA during Christmas as a visitor. Suddenly, I had emergency tooth pain from my previous root canal surgery, which I had done overseas; after googling, I found Aliso Creek Dental and the team were a pleasure to deal with.
Dr Mona took the time to understand to diagnose my tooth pain. She always kept excellent communication throughout every process. She would even provide alternatives to suit my financial and timing was like she was treating this treatment as she would want it done for her own family.
It was so refreshing to have a great team like them to care for my dental issue. I would absolutely recommend Aliso Creek Dental; a professional team and trustworthy. Good Luck!!

Khashayar Golshiryan

The best dentist and professional staff I have yet to experience.. I just had 20 veneers and I must say the best decision I ever made. The veneers came out so natural and beautiful. Their state of the art facility and care explains why they were highly recommended.

Nick Nicolazzo

The staff is extremely nice and very thorough when explaining everything during your visit. The facility is very clean and has an inviting atmosphere to it. This is my new dental office and couldn't be happier

Josh Lambert

The new location is beautiful and so pristine as soon as you enter. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Beizaee for 15 years. Dr. Shapiro is also great and very knowledgeable. Dental assistants are caring and accommodating esp. Rose. I highly recommended this dental group.

My visit with the hygienist awesome! Her energy was very calming, especially for someone who was a bit nervous when it comes to any type of dentistry. She provided some very insightful suggestions for healthier and stronger teeth.

Mirion Lowry

Aliso Creek Dental is the best. The office staff is friendly, professional and helpful. All Dr's are the best. Awesome place,I really recommend this office. Thank you Dr Mona and Dr Tony.

Jose Aguilar

I love going to Aliso Creek Dental. Dr. Shapiro is the best dentist I have ever been to. Not only is he beyond competent, it is like a comedy show listening to him joke back and forth with the dental assistants. Everyone is very kind and attentive. I have some health issues that make it difficult to lay on the dental chair. Both Dr. Shapiro and his staff accommodate my disability even though it makes them have to work harder. Questions are always answered and Dr. Shapiro is never in a rush even if he is seeing more than one patient. I've never had to wait to go back. The office is punctual and that really helps me. The office also has oral surgeons, endodontists, and periodondists who come see patients. So, you don't have to go to visit a specialist. The specialists come to you. I had a root canal and it was painless and done by an endodontist Aliso Creek Dentist. Dr. Shapiro is patient and never tries to upsell unnecessary care. I have been to dentists who will want to do everything, including procedures you don't need. Not so with Dr. Shapiro. It is a personal type of relationship that you rarely find with a dentist and I never leave upset by being overcharged or charged inappropriately. I would give Aliso Creek Dental 10 stars if I could. Dr. Shapiro sets the mood and makes it fun to see the dentist. I only have one suggestion for the owners of the office complex. This has nothing to do with Aliso Creek Dental. The owners of the entire office complex that has many offices in it, may consider making the entrance doors to the building have an automatic open feature. I'm in a wheelchair and it is difficult to have the person pushing you open the door at the same time as pushing me. Of course, when you get to actual office, the doors are opened for you. I do miss Dr. Shapiro's former dental assistant. She is an angel and was such an asset to the patients. She was also extremely kind and competent. That's not to say that the other assistants are not kind and competent. She just brought a special light to the practice. I hope wherever you moved on to appreciates you as much as I did. Blessings, to Dr. Shapiro and the Aliso Creek Dental Staff. Dr. Steven Ross, Retired. (patient)

Steven Ross

I hate going to the dentist! I've been a patient of Dr. Shapiro for over 10 years! He is great straight forward no bs and very competent. He is honest and tells you what you need nothing else! I've had exstensive dental work with Dr. Shapiro and I choose to return to him for his great work and honesty. This is difficult in the dental industry. Trust is not common, but very important. Dr. Shapiro is a great dentist and is honest. I appreciate that a lot. On a side note his staff is very accommodating and friendly. Jason


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